Psychotherapy & Counselling

People come for Psychotherapy and Counselling for a number of reasons.

Sometimes life can indeed seem overwhelming or difficult to cope with. There may be a specific event which has triggered something or an ongoing sense of unease, difficulty with relationships, sadness or anger; there may be a bereavement, family issues, stress at work, spiritual crises, childhood or recent trauma, depression, anxiety, addictions, or other issues. I seek to offer you a supportive environment where we can explore life in a safe and effective way that can enable a new perspective on past and current issues and develop tools to cope with future life. Your context is unique and we will approach it in a way that allows you space and choice.

Counselling and psychotherapy are similar in approach. Counselling is generally concerned with working through day to day issues which are of a more conscious nature. These issues are worked with in a sensitive, compassionate and non-judgemental way. Counselling contracts tend to be shorter term.

Psychotherapy is more concerned with getting under the surface of the problem or issues. It is concerned with a deeper transformation. People often come when they are feeling ‘stuck’ in a familiar pattern of thinking, feeling or behaviour. It may be that the person does not know what is troubling them, but they are aware something is wrong. The work is often an exploratory process to support the person in finding new insights into their lives. Psychotherapy contracts tend to be longer term and work at greater depth.

Both Counselling and Psychotherapy can offer an opportunity for you to understand your soul’s purpose, to make sense of the relationships and challenges of your life’s path, and to heal the dysfunctional patterns and habits that interfere with your well-being.

A good therapeutic outcome will always depend upon the quality of the relationship between the therapist and client. I believe that the uniqueness of the therapeutic relationship is like no other kind of relationship; it is a professional ethical relationship where I seek to value, respect and listen to you in confidence and without judgement, as you discover your inner potential for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

I am aware that for many it's a big step to seek the help and support of a counsellor or therapist. Sometimes when faced with emotional conflict, such as depression, relationship issues, anxiety or a stressful situation, making any decision can be difficult.

My approach to therapeutic work is concerned with listening deeply to you and responding in a way that values you as an individual and what you are bringing. I embrace all aspects of our human experience, from the physical, emotional, mental to the spiritual, and seek to offer you a safe, professional and confidential space where you can talk about your life and anything that may be confusing or distressing.

I believe that we are all unique and individual souls on a journey through life, that we are more than our problems and our failures, and that at the deepest levels of our selves we are wise beings seeking to express our potential into the world.

Overall, Psychotherapy and Counselling can help you to look inward in order to find greater inner ground and equilibrium and a deeper sense of self. From this place we are more able to engage with the world through meaningful and fulfilling relationships.

I work using the professional, ethical guidelines of UKCP.

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