A warm welcome to my website. 

I am a UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) registered and qualified Psychotherapist and experienced Group Faciliator. I offer Psychotherapy & Counselling, Organisational Development Consulting & Leadership Coaching, and, Holiday Workshops & Retreats. 

I work with people from all walks of life, and I aim to help both individuals and organisations to become the best they can be, so that, collectively, we can co-create a more desirable and sustainable future for our beautiful planet.

My approach brings together a trust in the wisdom of the psyche and a care for the soul. It is grounded in transpersonal integrative theory and informed by work with the body, dream work, the creative imagination, and systems theory.

What inspires me to do what I do are two important facets of all our lives:

  • Relationship - the relationship we have with ourselves, and the relationship we have with other human beings and other life forms;
  • Creativity - how we express ourselves and our gifts.

I have over thirty years experience of working with individuals and groups in the areas of personal growth and organisational development. I have worked in many different countries and I love the rich diversity our world offers us.

Please see my contact page for further details of how to get in touch with me.

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