My Approach

My approach is a systems approach, helping individuals and groups to understand the whole system in which they operate. It is also a holistic approach, helping individuals to integrate at the levels of mind, body and spirit. My philosophy and methods are strongly influenced by the internationally acclaimed work of Roberto Assagioli who founded Psychosynthesis, as well as the work of Robert Greenleaf, Williams Isaacs, Otto Scharmer, and Margaret Wheatley.

I work at the level of mind and thinking, body and feeling, spirit, purpose and responsible action.

At the level of mind and thinking, I take concepts, models and knowledge and encourage clients to engage with these as they relate to their personal and organisation learning needs and experiences. I also encourage a high degree of self-reflection so that individuals understand how their mind operates in order to provide greater freedom and choice.

At the level of body and feeling, I help individuals to connect to their feelings, often made known to us through our bodies/soma. I help clients to gain insight and realisations which bring choice in how they wish to be in the world. I encourage creativity and experiential learning.

At the level of spirit and purpose, I help individuals and organisations to connect to their purpose, meaning and values, and to reflect upon their vision and the direction of their work. I also help my clients to understand and to remove any blocks to personal development which may be behaviours and/or beliefs formulated a long time ago, but which no longer serve.

At the level of responsible action, I help clients to connect to intention, to their choice, and also help them to deeply reflect on their way forward so that they can be fully prepared as they undertake any action and execution of plans.

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