My background and training is in Psychosynthesis Psychology.

Psychosynthesis offers a holistic approach to living. It works with the mind, feelings, body and spirit and holds the context wherein each of us has the potential to unfold to our deepest sense of identity and purpose.

It is based on the work of Roberto Assagioli who, starting from the time of Freud and Jung, brought a new perspective to the field of psychology. He studied in depth both Eastern and Western traditions, philosophy and mysticism. The integration and synthesis of these wisdoms makes Psychosynthesis therapy and counselling unique.

Assagioli believed that while our childhood experience affects our present living, we also have within us the vast human potential for healing and change. When we repress this higher potential for wholeness, it can lead to debilitating symptoms, loss of meaning and psychological dis-ease which may add to, and be equal to, the distress arising out of childhood trauma.

In psychosynthesis psychotherapy and counselling we may explore the past in order to heal it and live more fully in the present, and we do this in the context of self discovery.

Painful symptoms of anxiety and depression, and feelings of loss and grief and of being stuck may be a doorway through to a more authentic sense of who we are and who we may be. We may find an ever increasing capacity to express ourselves through fulfilling relationships, our creativity and connection to our purpose in life.

Psychosynthesis honours the pain and confusion we experience in times of psychological difficulty and crisis, while drawing on our spiritual nature and holding the potential for wholeness and transformation.

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