Working with Organisations

Alongside my work with individuals through my Psychotherapy practice, I also work with a variety of organisations; in the hotel and hospitality industry, in healthcare, accounting and consulting firms, food retail organisations, companies from the energy sector, and also charities and NGOs.

I bring extensive experience of working with organisations, an understanding of group dynamics, and a proven ability to manage and facilitate groups and teams of all nature. I offer a wealth of experience, knowledge, concepts and learning practices and use this experience to design events and interventions which match the needs of client participants as closely as possible.

My clients often ask me to draw on my psychotherapeutic knowledge to facilitate groups to develop the capacity for deeper relationship, providing opportunity for meaningful and fulfilling engagement with others and the opportunity to explore different perspectives from genuine curiosity. One of the intentions of working in this way is so that we may co-create diverse and sustainable futures for generations to come.

I also design and facilitate a wide range of group workshops and programmes. These include relationship-based and interpersonal programmes such as Wellbeing & Resilience in Today's World, Coaching for Effectiveness, Conversations that Make a Difference, Building Rewarding Relationships, Intercultural Awareness & Effectiveness, Action Learning Sets, Responsible Leadership, Leading by Values, Creative Thinking, Directing the Roles we Play, Our Search for Purpose & Meaning, Personal Authority & Influence.

I often partner with my sister, Emma, who is now a yoga teacher and previously worked in industry with a background in purchasing, supply chain, and consultancy. Pooling our different backgrounds and experiences, we offer fun and varied ways of working together for our clients. We also sometimes partner with other colleagues whom we have met along the way, people who are specialists in their own fields, such as voice coaches and singers, dancers and movement specialists, and many others. 

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